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Virus Removal and How To Handle It

Having a virus on your computer or even phone can send you into a spiral of worry. Will your pictures be recovered? How are your documents affected? At Your PC Angel we understand how stressful this can be, which is why we urge you to contact us at the first sign of a virus. Virus Removal When you bring your device to us, the first thing our technicians will do is a full inspection to determine the type of virus you have. This could be something complex or something simple; it’s impossible to say what’s going on until a full
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Save Money with iPad Repair

You’re about to use your iPad when all of the sudden it won’t turn or or move. Re-starting it isn’t doing anything and you can’t seem to get it to charge. What do you do? In situations like these, turn to Your PC Angel rather than buying an expensive replacement. iPad Repair is one of the most common things that we do, as our technicians have many years of experience working with these devices in particular. Here’s how we will help you: Inspection Upon receiving your iPad, we will take a look at the unit to diagnose the issue. While
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