“A good experience. Had a laptop that was running hot and the fan was making a grinding noise. They came right out (within 30 min of calling on a Saturday) and picked up the computer. He opened it up, cleaned it out, and managed to get it to properly cool off without having to replace the fan. Returned it to the house a few days after pickup.”
Gabriel Everhart
“Your PC Angel is a business that lives up to its name! I was immediately impressed with their professionalism, down to earth communications, and technical expertise. They diagnosed my computer as having a corrupted operating system and went the extra mile to ensure the PC was fixed. They even installed free spyware. The price for services was reasonable, and the PC was returned on time and in great condition. You’ll be pleased when you work with Your PC Angel!”
Shauna of Durham
Why do I subscribe to Your PC Angel’s Home Service Plan?

Continuity of care/Accountability: My computer has been cared for by the same person for over 2 years.

House calls: My computer has been taken care of in its own habitat. It has stayed connected to all its wires and components; it has not been disconnected or hauled off to a big box store. It has not been left in the hands of multiple part-time technicians with variable levels of skills and responsibility.

Transparency: There has been a clear description of services and fees; there has been fair and mindful pricing.

Ethical Practice: Once my PC Angel forgot to give me my discount for being a subscriber to the Home Service Plan. He put a check in the mail and called me to give me a “heads up” before I had even realized there was a mistake. Your PC Angel is locally owned and operated by an invested member of our community. Your PC Angel has a friendly face, a phone number that he answers, and a reputation that he upholds.”
Pam of Durham

“I am very pleased with Your PC Angel. My computer was running very slow. My Angel tech cleaned my computer and now it’s running fast again.”
John of Durham
“I lost my Windows password and I couldn’t get on my laptop. Your PC Angel came and quickly fixed the problem. Angels are great!”
Alice of Raleigh
“My computer stopped working. I called Your PC Angel and they sent someone right away. He was very nice and while he worked on my computer he explained what had happened. In no more then an hour he had my computer running like new!”
Mia of Cary
“I was trying to setup a wireless network but I needed some help. Your PC angel came out and was able to very quickly setup my network. From now on when I need computer help the only one I’m going to call is Your PC Angel!”
William of Raleigh
“The hard drive on my computer crashed. I bought a new computer and called Your PC Angel. The technician came to my house and setup my new computer. He then was able to get my documents and pictures off of the crashed hard drive and load them onto my new computer. If you need help call Your PC Angel!”
Jason of Chapel Hill